This is the outsourcing arm providing human capital and facilities for the banking, oil & gas, NGOs and the multi-national institutions. The premier product of Red Star Express Niger for support services is the mail management, which is the provision of man power and material resources to the running of the day to day operations of the banks, oil and gas, NGOs, manufacturing and other desiring institutions.


Mailroom Management

Rather than hire, maintain and manage mail room staff, Red Star Express Niger provides Mail-room Management services. This is an outsourced service, aimed at automating the process of receiving, sorting and distributing incoming and outgoing mails.

We support our clients in the delivery of core business services by offering a document management solution tailored to your specific needs.

Red Star Express Niger provides on-site, full-service mailroom staffing and operations management, with a comprehensive set of services tailored to meet specific client requirements. From single mail-room staffing and courier services to the coordination of multiple satellite locations, from basic in-house mail processing to secure off-site mail screening for high-security environments. Our expertise mail-room management solutions include:

  • Complete mail-room staffing nationwide in one or more locations.
  • Automated inbound and outbound mail sorting.
  • Accountable mail tracking and management.
  • Mail handling equipment maintenance.
  • Mailing list management.
  • Courier services.
  • Design, construction, and installation of negative pressure environments.
  • Real-time screening for suspicious or harmful CBRNE substances.
Dedicated Dispatch Services (DDS)

The concept of out-sourcing ancillary services has been identified as a key success factor within a performance-driven private sector, institutions and the world over.

This concept has gained wide acceptance in our immediate business environment, as its gains cannot be ignored. It is principally hinged upon the concept of specialization in areas of core-competence to allow for utmost efficiency.

Within the major sectors of Niger economy, the challenges of coordinating the environment of mails and other highly sensitive documents/materials from one point to another have become enormous considering the advancement in information technology and level of efficiency expected of these organizations.

Having had the privilege of partnering with some multinational companies, Oil and gas and banks over the years, we have taken up the challenge of providing professionally trained men and supplying motorcycles and other resource requirements that will be solely dedicated to your organization.

The crux of this proposal is to highlight the basic feature and benefit of an efficient dedicated dispatch system, which will be tailored to suit your specific needs and will continually be improved to meet your changing needs.



  • Dedicated motorcycle and trained personnel.
  • Motorcycle at the beck and call of the clients need.
  • Repairs, fueling, and maintenance are borne by the supplier (RSS).
  • Motorcycle statutory documentation are sole borne by the suppliers (RSS).
  • Statutory and valid license for all attached personnel.
  • Knowledge of environment landmarks of the metropolis.
  • Effective monitoring of the fleet mobility.
  • Payment cost of fleet is spread over a convenient period of time.
  • Range of motorcycle to choose from.



Express Food Delivery Services

Express Food Delivery Service makes it easy to order your food from almost any locations within Niamey, which is made simple and easy by the ordering options available from restaurants in Niamey via smartphones or tablets. More than 100 restaurants will be part of the EFDS platform to provide the best available menu options and dishes that can be ordered from the comfort of your offices and homes.

The growing needs for most executive of organization to ease the stress of finding a suitable lunch time and place has given rise to the service in Niamey.


Features of EFDS

  • A flexible ordering and delivery process.
  • Courier cooler boxes for delivery.
  • Flexible payment (online or payment after delivery).
  • Motorized personnel to effect delivery.
  • Motorized personnel to be equipped with smartphones.
  • Customized package (optional).
  • Food can be ordered from anywhere.
  • Online bookings and ordering.


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